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Contra el TLCAN

Contra el TLCAN

Ciudad Juárez, Chih. Campesinos bloquearon un puente internacional en protesta por la entrada en vigor del capítulo agrario del Tratado de Libre Comercio. AP

Los integrantes de distintas organizaciones campesinas, políticas y ambientalistas hicieron un "muro humano" y levantaron cartulinas con letras que formaban la frase "Sin maíz no hay país", y durante varios minutos bloquearon la circulación en el puente fronterizo.

Jaurez city, Chihuahua, Mexico. Members of different farmer organizations, political and environmental constructed a "human wall" and lifted up signs with words that formed the phrase "Without corn there is no nation", and during several minutes blocked the flow on the bridge on the border with the USA and Mexico.

See, this is what happens when you take away countries' food and resources for less than it's even worth, you take away jobs, you take away people's livelihood, and what results from that? People crossing the border to be able to survive, this is one of the reasons why Mexico is being sucked dry of natural resources, meanwhile people wonder the "why" of undocumented immigrants, here is one of the main reasons.