Tuesday, December 04, 2007

“A nombre del Gobierno de México, nuevamente externo una enérgica protesta por las medidas unilaterales tomadas por el Congreso y el Gobierno de Estados Unidos que exacerba la persecución y el trato vejatorio en contra de los trabajadores mexicanos no documentados.[…] La insensibilidad mostrada hacia ellos que mucho aportan a la economía y a la sociedad estadunidense ha sido un aliciente para redoblar la lucha por el reconocimiento de su enorme aporte a la economía de ambas naciones y por la defensa de sus derechos. Por eso, el Gobierno de México seguirá insistiendo firmemente ante la sociedad y el Gobierno de ambos países en la necesidad de una reforma migratoria integral y en el rechazo categórico a la construcción de un muro en nuestra frontera común”.

The key points on the above speech are by the President of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, on September 2nd 20007 graciously delivered thanks to La Jornada via Gustavo Iruegas.

He talks about the way they treat the Mexican workers, who, day after day, build the USA's roads, cook the millions of fast-food that feeds citizens of this nation, clean, fix, work, work, work.

He calls for an end of the construction of a wall that, let's face it, is highly inefficient on resources and plainly makes no sense; and for an integral immigration reform.

The reality is that the immigrants undocumented or not (not "illegal", no human is illegal, lots of things other people do are "illegal", yet they don't seem to get hit by this label) are an integral part of the economy, and to say they should go by the system (a system which is indeed broken and very VERY inefficient) is ignorant and invalid.

I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want to be these guys:

And neither do a lot of Americans it seems, ask yourself if you rather they paid these people (yes, people, not "illegals", if you believe everything the tv says you are indeed a sad sad person, get a mind of your own LEARN and REALLY inform yourself about the issues and then debate and say what you think, but don't try to do this without having spent time knowing what the actual situation is, don't believe everything people tell you, not this blog, go out and research, even better, TALK to people, make friends, experience things, because otherwise, you are simply judging, and judging is easy, judging is for the weak of heart and mind, judging is the easy way out) fair wages for the work that you are already driving over?
Or would you rather they went back to a country and let the USA economy plummet even more?

The problem is already here, it needs to be fixed, building a wall, making all of those people go back, it is not an option anymore, the actual problem won't be fixed by putting on a band-aid on the issues.

Both the USA and Mexico (and other countries too) can have a very beneficial relationship through immigration and fair treatment of those who are already here, specially those skilled, willing to learn, and willing to abide by comprehensive and efficient rules, not ridiculous mountain-tops of requirements.

I am Codex and I write what's on my mind, keep in mind this is only my opinion in a sea of millions.


Damn Mexicans said...

People are too short sighted to see the impact immigrants have on their lives. Almost every building we step foot in during our day is cleaned by an undocumented worker at night.

dtmya said...

Great first post!

Anonymous said...

interesting article and great post keep up the good work. hopefully we can start changing some mind and start getting better support from people who agree with all of this but sit there doing nothing.

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