Monday, July 20, 2009

While trying to make sense of current events I came upon this rather smart-sounding article:
Immigration Reform Is Quietly Here.

Now I don't want to downright attack the article because it has its good points. Now the bad ones I will challenge, however.

And so by the time Schumer unveils his program, the larger public will already have reason to trust that the next amnesty would be the last. Schumer has gone further in that regard. He has proposed a tighter verification system using unique biometric markers, such as fingerprints or the iris of eyes. And he has come out and said that America lacks engineers, not low-skilled laborers.

Imagine that, an immigration overhaul that promises real enforcement, protects our most vulnerable workers and recognizes America's true labor needs. And we're getting there without the dramatics. Boy, are these guys smart. (Froma, Harrop. @email).

I disagree on part of that statement, the USA needs engineers, yes, for one GOOD engineers, not the type that let a few thousand people get e. coli because they don't know the proper water-treatment procedures; but also, workers to tend to the fields. Why immigrants? Because they do the job faster, better, and get paid less. Is that fair? No, of course it's not fair, but this is why they need to be legalized and paid the right amount for the worth of their work.

Supply, Demand, and Cost. Now, I don't see laborers here wanting to do the same work, the USA needs both those intelligent and good engineers, scientists, and techs as well as the labor force. If not then who will tend to your lawns, your landscapes, cut your bushes, and all so they can feed their children? It isn't even about who they are feeding, it is about the willingless to work.

A close friend of mine had her landscaping done by Americans, they made a terrible job and left her in tears, didn't finish the job. She hired immigrants next, and guess what? Her front yard is smashing.


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